Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is living document, which sets the direction of the organization and is approved by the Board of Directors. The strategic plan is used in Board meetings, for event planning, and decision making of the Association.

Strategic Plan 2015-16


                                       a. Enhance REALTOR® Value proposition
                                                    i.     Include NAR/SCR Updates in membership meetings
                                                   ii.     Personal board visits to members’ firms with HHAAOR updates
                                                  iii.     Offer at least 2 “coffee” meetings to reach additional members that don’t traditionally attend membership meetings or
                                                          after business hour evening
                                                  iv.     Host a free event at the beginning of each year, promoting membership value, committee sign ups, etc.
                                                   v.    Explore the purchase of a marketing giveaway or promotional item to reinforce local association brand
                                                 vi.     Create a public marketing campaign on the value of using a Realtor
                                       b. Increase affiliate membership
                                                   i.     Personal board visits to recruit new affiliate members
                                                   ii.     Personal board visits with current affiliates to encourage renewal
                                      c. Increase the use of Social Media (in addition to traditional outlets) to promote the benefits of membership
                                                    i.     Promote association activities
                                                   ii.     Tag/partner with local business groups (chamber, etc.) whenever appropriate
                                                  iii.     Explore the development of an Association smartphone App
                                      d. Update Association website
                                                    i.     Highlight member benefits
                                      e. Update the Association Classroom
                                                    i.     Create a hands on learning lab
                                                   ii.     Upgrade to High speed internet access
                                                  iii.      Explore the cost/benefit of video and audio conferencing capabilities
                                      f. Review and revise bylaws and policies in regards to the selection and appointment of Association Committee chairs
                                     g. Promote the enforcement of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics
                                                   i.     Train members to serve on Ethics and Professional Standards Committee
                                                   ii.     Invite SCR legal counsel to conduct annual trainin

                                    a. The Legislative Committee will develop an advocacy plan each year
                                    b. Promote RPAC at every membership meeting
                                                    i.     Develop a new RPAC slogan
                                    c. Monitor local government meetings
                                                    i.     Have available the weekly Government Affairs Report on the website for membership access.
                                                   ii.     Provide a link to the Government Affairs Report in the weekly Events and Registration eblast sent to all members.
                                   d. Encourage participation in state and national lobbying days
                                                    i.     SCR REALTOR Rally (Columbia SC)
                                                   ii.     NAR REALTOR Party Conference (Washington DC)
                                  e. Communicate RPAC issues and successes in communications and social media to members
                                                    i.     Include NAR/SC updates
                                                   ii.     Promote calls to actions
                                                  iii.     Promote at HHAAOR events
                                f. Communicate RPAC issues and successes through social media to the public
                                g. Enhance the Legislative Oyster Roast
                                                    i.     Develop fundraising opportunities
                                                   ii.     Commit to at least one RPAC fundraising event per year
                               a. Distribute press releases promoting good works/news of local REALTORS® and the association
                                                    i.     Explore developing a “Good Neighbor Award” similar to the NAR program
                               b. Participate in community events
                                                    i.     Continue to host the annual Economic Development Summit and seek other relevant outreach project/events for the community.
                                                   ii.     Support at least 2 charitable activity/events/projects in which all HHAAOR members can participate through either:
                                                                    1. Volunteers, or
                                                                    2. Financial Contributions
                                                  iii. Increase the utilization of NAR grants for outreach projects and programs. 
                                                  iv. Promote REALTOR® community involvement through press releases and social media.                                 

 4. EDUCATION: To expand on educational opportunities to our members
                                a. Incorporate one professional development program into a membership meetings
                                b. Hold at least one professional development in Bluffton
                                c. Improve professional courtesy and relationships between members
                                d.   Promote NAR’s “Commitment to Excellence”

5. CORE STANDARDS: Comply with NAR’s Core Standards
                               a. Complete online reporting requirements in advance of the annual June deadline