Our Staff

Following is a list of Presidents who have served the Association since its inception in 1973. The Mission of the Past Presidents Committee is to utilize their knowledge and experience as a resource to the current Hilton Head Area Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors.


Year Name
1973 Mrs. Johnny Neidlinger
1974 Donald Peterson
1975 Edward G. Robinson
1976 Edward G. Robinson
1977 Thomas Gerken
1978 James Coleman
1979 Jeffrey Wilson
1980 James Richardson
1981 Sonny Huntley
1982 Linda Lucas Laughlin
1983 Carl Schroeder
1984 William "Sonny" Dubose
1985 William McGary
1986 Thomas Singer
1987 Thomas Singer
1988 Dale Dawson
1989 William Bosley
1990 Sarah Takacs
1991 Alan Coyne
1992 Richard Murray
1993 Andy Klepchick
1994 Stephen Linsday
1995 Hutch Hutchinson
1996 Bob Brown
1997 Sheila Gathings Valenti
1998 Greg James
1999 Charles Sampson
2000 Andy Twisdale
2001 Dick Berger
2002 Randy Smith
2003 Sarah Takacs
2004 C. Denson "Hutch" Hutchinson
2005 Rick Saba
2006 Andy Twisdale
2007 Mary Williams
2008 Linda Palmer
2009 Thomas Jackson
2010 Charles Sampson
2011 Karen Ryan
2012 John Robinson
2013 Linda Frank
2014 Randy Fix
2015 Cindy Creamer


Our Mission

As the region's trusted voice of real estate, the Hilton Head Area Association of REALTORS® supports and educates its members to enhance their professionalism and success while providing the highest level of ethical service to the public and the consumers they serve.

Our Values

  • HHAAOR will provide the highest level of customer service to our members in a transparent and professional manner. 
  • HHAAOR will always be courteous with our members and the public. 
  • HHAAOR will conduct the business of our members with honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.
  • HHAAOR will be knowledgeable and educated on the issues that impact our members.
  • HHAAOR will be proactive and decisive regarding issues that affect homeownership and property rights in our region.
  • HHAAOR will be involved in our community because we care about the quality of life in the region.