What is RPAC?

RPAC stands for the REALTOR® Political Action Committee. The PAC raises money from REALTOR® and Affiliate members to support and contribute candidates who champion REALTOR® issues.


RPAC works at all levels; 40% of the funds collected stays in South Carolina and 30% of the funds collected stay in HHAR for issues like property tax, sign ordinances, and disclosure requirements.

We don’t support Democrats or Republicans; we support the REALTOR® Party! We don’t care if the candidate is a Democrat or Republican as long as they support REALTOR®  issues.

Vote. Act. Invest
Advocacy in the REALTOR® Party is easy! You can get involved in protecting your industry in three easy steps: Voting, Acting and Investing. Vote for REALTOR friendly candidates, Act by participating in NAR and SCR REALTOR® Calls for Action and Invest in the REALTOR PAC. If you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu.

RPAC Supports our clients and community
In South Carolina; every home sale puts an average of $52,391 into the local economy on a median price home of $176,700. RPAC helps your client’s livelihood, lifestyle and personal wealth. (Source NAR Research 2016)

RPAC is insurance for your business
You have insurance on your home, car, and health? Why not also have insurance on your business. RPAC protects against oppressive legislation.

RPAC Protects private property rights and promotes homeownership
More closings for you by being a champion for you in areas that count.

Keeping Homeownership the American Dream
The Mortgage Interest Deduction is important. So is the 30-year mortgage, property tax deduction, and flood insurance making homeownership accessible and affordable.

Time Saver
You have a lawyer to protect your rights, a banker to protect your money and insurance to protect your home and property. RPAC protects your livelihood with a simple investment.

RPAC offers payment plans. Select the payment plan that best suits your life: monthly, quarterly or one-time investments. RPAC’s protection is priceless, we make it affordable.

I am an investor and I am asking you to join me!
The REALTOR® PAC is important to my livelihood along with my clients. It would mean a lot for you to join me as an investor in protecting our livelihoods.

For questions about RPAC, contact Jocelyn Staigar, Government Affairs Director