Thinking of a Career in Real Estate

Real estate can be a very rewarding career. It offers a flexible schedule and your income is not limited to a salary or hourly wage. It does require you to be disciplined, determined, and dedicated to the clients and customers you serve.

Here are three tips to help decide if real estate is right for you:

  • Talk with an experienced professional about getting started.
  • Prepare a marketing plan. How will you market your new business?
  • Create a budget. How much do you want to earn and what will it take to get there? Prepare for no income for at least six months.

In person classes are offered at Hilton Head Real Estate School located in Bluffton. Online options are offered by the CE Shop or Real Estate Express Online Packages.

If you are ready to get started, first you must become licensed. This requires 90 hours of education and passing the real estate exam. Classes in the area are offered by Hilton Head Real Estate School

Once you pass the exam you are ready to put your license with a Broker. Choosing a broker is an interview process for both you and the Broker. You need to find the right fit for you. During your interview ask about commission splits, available training, and if there are any associated costs and lead generation.

Now that you have picked your Broker, become a REALTOR® and a member of the Hilton Head Area REALTORS®.