There’s VALUE in Your Realtor® Membership

As a Realtor® member, you have access to hundreds of cost-saving benefits designed to give you the tools you need to succeed.
We’ve got three go-to resources to get you started.

Market Reports

HHAR provides monthly comprehensive market statistics that includes surrounding counties and local neighborhoods. These reports can be used to market to buyers and sellers, and to gain insights to help your clients better understand the market. 

FREE Legal Help

Real estate transactions can be complex and complicating. South Carolina Realtors® has you covered with free exclusive access to its Legal Hotline. Qualified attorneys will provide counsel on real estate laws, code of ethics questions, and mediation and arbitration issues. Learn more

Need Tech Help?

Do you have hardware or software questions? Having problems with your email, printer or spyware? Need advice on a tech gadget? Your membership gives you access to the South Carolina Realtors® TechHelpline. Get the help you need without the hassle!