When you hire a Realtor®

You get the expertise of a professional who is trained to help you navigate a complex, and often overwhelming, real estate market. Whether you’re buying your first home or selling a cherished family estate, working with a professional Realtor® is essential to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Make sure your agent is a Realtor®

Realtors® are licensed sales professionals who are members of the National Association of Realtors®. Realtors® practice under the guidance of a strict Code of Ethics, delivering a high level of service and expertise to their clients. Ask your real estate agent if they are a Realtor®!

Don’t Go it Alone!

Going it alone in real estate might save on commission fees, but it could expose you to complex negotiations and legal pitfalls that professionals are trained to handle. Just as you wouldn’t represent yourself in court or self-diagnose a medical condition, navigating real estate transactions without a Realtor® can lead to missed opportunities and costly mistakes.

When you hire a Realtor®. . .

  • They bring their knowledge of real estate law and regulations, their commitment to ethical practices, and their market insights to the table.
  • They connect you to trusted professionals such as lenders, property inspectors, attorneys, and everyone you will need to succeed in your home sale or purchase.
  • They learn your wants and needs, understand your budget, and work hard to match you with the perfect home.
  • They guide you to local and federal down payment assistance programs, low-interest loans, and financing options to help open your door to homeownership.

When you hire a Realtor®. . .

You Get What You
Pay For

Real estate commissions are negotiable, but expertise shouldn’t be. Your Realtor® will tell you about the services they deliver, their track record, and their fees so that you know exactly what to expect

You Get a Hyper-Local Expert

They understand that a home is much more than a house. It’s also the neighborhood and community that surround you. That’s why their hyper-local expertise is so important in helping you find the place that suits your lifestyle.

You Get a Trained Negotiator

Through comprehensive training and expertise, your Realtor® will work to achieve the best outcome for you, whether it’s securing a lower purchase price, obtaining favorable terms in a contract, or navigating challenging contingencies.


Home buyers who used a Realtor® to purchase their home.


Home sellers who used a Realtor® to sell their home.


Without a Realtor®, For Sale By Owner homes sell for about 26% less than Realtor® properties.


Home buyers who would recommend their agent or use their agent again.

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